SMART Board Pro® Series

Inspire greatness

SMART Board Pro Interactive Display For Business Series Displays Empower Colleagues To Collaborate Across Devices, Offices And Time Zones As If They Were In The Same Room. With SMART, There’s No Barrier To What Teams Can Achieve.

Simply Walk Up And Use For Faster Breakthroughs, Enhanced Productivity And Serious ROI.

Elevate Learning Outcomes

7000 Pro series

The SMART Board 7000 Pro series with iQ is your digital hub for global collaboration, connecting remote teams on all sorts devices.

6000 Pro series

The SMART Board 6000 Pro series with iQ increases productivity, while reducing meeting time by looping in more minds.

2000 Pro series

The SMART Board 2000 Pro series non-touch display lets anyone, share anything on the screen from any device. It’s easy to afford too.


Electronic Whiteboards Available in 42 Inch Portrait or 84 Inch landscape.
Work with the Smark Kapp app

Interactive Displays for Business

Brainstorm on a whiteboard. Work on standard business applications. Host video conferences.
SMART makes sharing ideas with your colleagues around the world as natural as meeting over coffee.

Plan, Collaborate and Recap. Engage in effective meetings with SMART TeamWorks: screen sharing, dynamic objects, voice commands and meeting recaps.


How to use SMART Meeting Pro's unbound workspace.


Briefings, Meetings and Trainings. How to use SMART Meeting Pro in briefing and training scenarios, highlighting the most important tools.


How to increase effectiveness and speed up decision making with Meeting Pro.


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