Smart Kapp 84 Inch Interactive Whiteboard

Smart Kapp 84 Inch Whiteboard accommodates any environment or situation where you would put a whiteboard board or flip chart.

A new kind of whiteboard board that captures, saves and shares your ideas digitally, just plug it in and you’re ready to connect.

Smart KAPP84-2W 84 Kapp Capture Board

IOS and Android Users

IOS users can download the app from the Apple store and connect by scanning the QR code, Android users can get it from the play store and pair their device by simply tapping the board with it.

As soon as your device is connected you will see the content of the board updated live on the Smart Kapp mobile app.

Smart Kapp behaves like any traditional whiteboard board with a real dry erase pen and eraser, only with Smart Kapp you can share you work with colleagues in the boardroom or across the globe.


To connect your team members just click the share icon and Smart Kapp generates a URL that you can email to anyone, all they need to do is click the link and they will immediately be connected to the secession.

With Smart Kapp whiteboard you will never have to worry about having to take photos of your flip chart or whiteboard.

Share with the team, you can capture snapshots of your content at any time by touching the camera icon on the board itself or by hitting the icon in the app.


Share with your team

team members can view the snapshot file on their mobile device

Save to USB

Simply plug the USB drive in and tap the icon and your snap shots will automatically be saved as PDF’s to the drive.

Remote users can access all snap shots from the secession, even if they join midway through, this way everyone can track the progression of an idea and look for insight in earlier versions of the work.

By clicking the save icon in the app you can upload content to your favourite cloud server

This means you can take your work wherever you go and revisit past projects and email your notes to team members who couldn’t make the meeting.

With Smart Kapp 84 Inch Electronic whiteboard all content is stored on your device meaning your work lives on even after the board has been erased.


Collaborate Better

Whatever your challenge, wherever your team Smart Kapp help you collaborate better and that means better work, more efficient brainstorming and faster breakthroughs.

Capture Save Share with Smart Kapp the whiteboard reinvented.

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