SMART Board® 6000 Pro series

Work together as a team


iQ makes everything one touch away on the Smart Board 6000 Pro Series.

Businesses achieve more when meetings are productive and everyone is able to contribute to brainstorming sessions.

More productive meetings also mean fewer meetings, and more time to get things done.

The SMART Board 6000 Pro series 

with iQ reduces meeting time by allowing more people to participate, providing insights and perspectives at once.

SMART Board interactive displays with iQ lets your team switch with a tap, from showing a video to presenting quarterly results to surfing the internet.

Technology hub for meeting rooms

Technology hub for meeting rooms

Connecting SMART Boards

software, laptops, phones and tablets into one unified experience.

SMART Meeting Pro® Meeting Pro® room and 10 Meeting Pro® personal subscriptions included.

Touch Points The SMART Board 6000 Pro series makes collaboration easy and brainstorming sessions fun.

With eight simultaneous touch points on Mac and PC, people can do different things on the board side-by-side.

Silktouch™ finish eliminates finger burn, even after hours of use.  

Object awareness™ knows fingers select, pens write and palms erase.

Everything together Pens, erasers and fingertips all work together at the same time. It frees colleagues to work together, give separate answers and share opinions.

Only available on SMART Boards.

Connecting everyone and everything.

Collaborate with remote colleagues worldwide.

Share on any device, Android, Apple or Windows device.

Redesigned to make sharing, presenting and contributing really.

No wires to plug in, no apps to install.

It arrives ready for business. 4K Ultra HD resolution ensures every presentation looks sharp.

SMART Collaboration Software

NEW! SMART TeamWorks™ software

With one-touch meeting launch, a connected whiteboard, wireless screen sharing and PDF summaries, SMART TeamWorks is your end-to-end collaboration solution.

SMART Meeting Pro® software included

SMART Meeting Pro workspaces are unbound and virtually unlimited. Workspaces expand as you add files, links and notes – even over multiple boards and meetings.

smart technologies remote management

Push updates. Send messages. Run diagnostics.

SMART Remote Management lets you efficiently maintain, secure and support all your devices – including SMART Board displays with iQ.

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