Smart Board 2000 Pro series for Business 

Share Freely

The Smart Board 2000 Pro series for business is perfect for any room where teams share ideas and brainstorm.

Wireless screen-sharing and non-touch design make the Smart Board 2000 Pro series perfect for showing pitches.

Collaborate on projects and delivering presentations from all sorts of devices.

Even better, its simple interactivity is easy on your IT budget.

Smart Board 2000

4K Ultra HD resolution

smartboard 2000 pro series

Engage all devices at your meetings.

More Ways To Share

The 2000 Pro series gives everyone a chance to show what’s on their Apple, Android and Microsoft devices right out of the box, without plugging in laptops, installing apps or needing additional hardware.

Presentations. Videos. Web browsing. Brilliant 4K resolution ensures whatever you show on your 2000 Pro series looks its best.

SMART Meeting Pro® software – Personal License included

SMART Meeting Pro workspaces are unbound and virtually unlimited. Workspaces expand as you add files, links and notes. There’s enough room for your team’s biggest ideas.

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Very affordable

It’s a non-touch display with collaboration features that make it so much more than a TV screen. Even better, it costs less than many similar-sized 4K TVs.

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