Samsung Flip board WM55H

Capture collaborate and share.

View your computers images or videos, connect your mobile device.

Draw write erase edit on the fly Interactive display features from note-taking to intuitive navigation enables creative thinking in business meetings.

Samsung Flip Board
Samsung Flip Digital Flipchart

Versatile connectivity

and an ergonomic design promote business collaboration.

This is a smart Samsung electronic whiteboard that you can hook up to your Laptop, Desktop, Phone, USB or network device and share ideas.

It comes with a double-sided pen which writes thick at one end and thin at the other.

You can change the colour of the stick by holding it on the screen.

Import images from connected devices an annotate over them, simply erase with your hand.

Flip the board horizontally to work in another view

Connect your laptop and see the screen as it is on your computer and scroll using the touch screen board.

Interact with all the video or images on your computer through the board

Innovative touch display technology

Samsung Flip stand

Swivel the flip board from Horizontal to Vertical position

Easily move around with the portable, wheel-based stand (sold separately) empowers you to start a meeting anywhere, anytime.

STN-WM55H Samsung Flip Stand A portable, wheel-based stand for the Samsung Flip digital flipchart

Business Meetings

Flipping the Script on Business Meetings

See how the Samsung Flip digital flipchart can help you overcome day-to-day challenges to make your business meetings more productive and efficient.

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Creativity at work

See how the Samsung Flip interactive display can help drive creative thinking in business meetings.

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Meetings go better when you flip together

Play Video

Seamless  Scroll through whiteboard secession

Switch between whiteboard and blackboard mode for your own prefered colour scheme

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