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Samsung SMART Signage

DME-BR/BM Series
Ready-to-use, All-in-one Interactive Whiteboard Solution
Package for Corporate and Educational Organizations


• Allows presenter and participants to interact and exchange content between Interactive Whiteboard(IWB) Solution and the
devices being used by the audience

• Enables you to engage your content with a Touch Pen or simple
flicks and gestures of your hand

• Offers the ability to draw and save on a range of sources which
gives you more options for using a wider spectrum of content in
your presentation

• Provides full control of your presentation through user-friendly
menus and file management tools
• Reduces set-up time with a portable solution that doesn’t require
a dedicated PC

An integrated solution for your business or educational space that allows you to unleash the potential of your presentations.

As we face an era of perpetual innovation and information overload, communication needs to evolve alongside this growth and act as a beacon of light to hold our attention. Particularly when it comes to closing deals in business meetings or deeply connecting with the minds of the future in educational settings.

Few environments stand to benefit more from interactive whiteboard solutions than corporate boardrooms and classrooms, where messages need to sink deepinto their intended audience to make lasting impacts.

Samsung has brought their Interactive Whiteboard Solution to these spaces and continues to tailor the user experience to achieve the desired outcomes that the user is seeking.

Building a productive workplace that ensures optimum levels of communication and collaborationSamsung Interactive Whiteboard Solution acts as a conduit to bring efficiency to the workplace, through fostering an atmosphere for
enhanced communication and immersive collaboration.

With the Interactive Whiteboard Solution in the boardroom, brainstorming and idea-sharing have never been better supported through its interactive display that facilitates rapid idea generation, retention and application.

Deep dissemination of product or service knowledge between product development teams and sales teams can now be achieved through collaborative exchanges involving IWB and a captive audience that cannow find themselves fully interactive, while never having to leave thecomfort zone beyond their laptops and mobile devices.

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