Vestel PD – Series


Vestel PD – Series

Professional Display Series- Includes Basic Wall Mount

Meet our first generation of high end Professional Displays. This powerful, all-in one signage solution enables you to create your own signage content without any additional software or expensive hardware.

Size Price
43” €479
49” €599
55” €729


Vestel PD – Series

Professional Display Series – Includes Basic Wall Mount

SoC Content Management

With quad-core SoC (System on Chip), Vestel PD – Series displays are the digital signage monitors for both offline designed content and cloud-based managed content. This helps your digital content to be displayed in the displays by content management systems.


Subtle Design

Vestel PD – Series displays exhibit ultra-narrow bezel design eliminating the visual superfluities, directing the audience focus on your advertised content. This series is desirable for its thinnest depth among our digital signage displays.


Built-in Connectivity

This series features wired and wireless connectivity such as embedded WiFi and Bluetooth. Due to the wireless capabilities, the displays can easily gather its content without any external device. Moreover, WiFi allows screen sharing to be enjoyed with Miracast.


Daisy Chain

The display can mirror the content (to another display) into its display port out coming from its display port in. This set up creates a daisy chain like structure allowing for monitors to be set up as Video Wall mode.


Open Platform Support

Our SoC supports API (Application Programming Interface) for solution providers/integrators to develop and integrate any HTML5-based to be installed and used on our displays.


Display Control

Digital Signage Display SoC enables the users to control our displays using RS232 commands in a Local Area Network. Together with the full RS232 command list you can change/set volume, turn on/off the monitor, set a schedule for content display, set a webpage link to be displayed, and give a wide range of commands in real-time.


External Device Connections

You may want to connect your teleconference system, screen sharing system, set-top box, or external PCs via HDMI port. For this purpose, our monitors help you to maximize user experience with HDMI CEC (Consumer Electronics Control) and HDMI Hotplug capabilities.



Digital Signage Monitor Software allows many important features such as Scheduler. Scheduler sets your display turn on/off time easily and lets you not to worry about the status of your displays in any time.


Signal Failover

Our SoC Software has a protection for “No Signal” scenario. If the USB is unplugged after your content is set to be displayed with USB, the display will either show your customized banner or search for any other signal from other sources (HDMI, Display Port, etc.). This failover protection is constructed for higher user experience.


Longer Life Span

Our Professional Panel Display series come with a longer life span coming with an MTBF (mean time between failures) of 100.000 hours, guaranteeing the highest panel quality making them more suitable for 24/7 type utilisation.


Image Orientation

SoC Software lets you choose the orientation of the display menu easily. This feature is important for portrait usage of our professional panel monitors.


Operation Time Support

Professional Panels used with Vestel PD – Series are quality confirmed to operate 16 hours a day without any issues. Upon this, the series come with 400 Nits brightness levels suitable for a medial indoor environment.


Pixel Shifting

Pixel Shifting is designed to be activated inside the SoC in order to prevent the potential risk of image sticking, caused by constant content. With this feature turned on, pixels on the screen will move in an interval while causing no interference of visual experience.


USB Auto-Play

You will be able to show photo and video content automatically with USB Auto-play feature. SoC software gives you a choice to turn on USB auto-play function making it easy for end-users to show any media on the screen and not worry about anything else.


Source Switching

It is made available to set any Source on startup of the display. It can also be switched on any other signal source using scheduler and failover scenarios. This lets the users to freely control the process of their requirements allowing the best user experience.


Auto Launch

We have made it easy to give any HTML5-based application link to the display within the SoC software. Upon this, the display will start with the given link. The application can either be an offline or an online application, allowing the customers to execute their own application.

Specification PD43U01 PD49U01 PD55U01
Size 43″ 49” 55″
Panel Technology IPS IPS IPS
Brightness (typical) 400 cd/m² 400 cd/m² 400 cd/m²
Native Resolution 1920 x 1080 (16:9) – FHD 1920 x 1080 (16:9) – FHD 1920 x 1080 (16:9) – FHD
Contrast Ratio (typical) 1200:1 1200:1 1200:1
Max. Pixel Freq. 74.25 MHz 74.25 MHz 74.25 MHz
Panel Life Time ( Min. ) 30000 / 50000 Hr 30000 / 50000 Hr 30000 / 50000 Hr
Response Time (typical) 6 ms 6 ms 6 ms
Active Area (H x V) 942 x 530 mm 1054 x 593 mm 1210 x 681 mm
Viewing Angle 178° 178° 178°
Color Value 16.7 M (8-bit) 16.7 M (8-bit) 16.7 M (8-bit)
Mechanical Features
Size 966 mm(L) x 562 mm(H) x 66 mm(D) 1100 mm(L) x 636 mm(H) x 66 mm(D) 1239 mm(L) x 716 mm(H) x 67 mm(D)
Shipping Size 1085 mm(L) x 135 mm(W) x 775 mm(H) 1195 mm(L) x 145 mm(W) x 775 mm(H) 1369 mm(L) x 145 mm(W) x 874 mm(H)
Weight 13 KG 15.9 KG 19.3 KG
Shipping Weight 14.5 KG 17.9 KG 22.3 KG

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