Clevertouch UX-Pro Series High Precision


Discover the future of workspace technology with UX Pro.  No wires, no waiting, no fuss.


SizePrice (Euro)
55″2639 €
65″2994 €
75″4249 €
86″5649 €


Clevertouch UX-Pro Series High Precision for Education

Let the ideas flow without interruptions with Clevertouch UX-Pro Series High Precision. Meet in huddle spaces, meeting rooms, or have colleagues call in remotely to share your screen. No wires, no waiting, no fuss. Share content from any device, on any platform, and use all the programs, software, and apps that your business relies on. Increase productivity and make your meetings more fluid.


UX-Pro Serie High Precision Powerful and feature-rich 4K touchscreen

High Precision Technology

Our patented Super Glide Touch technology offers the most fluid writing experience on a touchscreen. It’s as smooth as writing on a presentation board with no lag. With the ability to differentiate between palm-erase, finger touch, and stylus-writing, there’s no need to change settings mid-flow.

Clever Account Profile with NFC

With an NFC sensor built into the bezel, just tap your NFC card on the bottom of the screen to instantly log in to your profile.


With the most comprehensive warranty on the market, UX Pro is designed for high use environments. Our support team is available when you need the most, making sure your meetings have no interruptions.

Discover the future of workspace technology

Clevertouch has created the all-in-one Enterprise Ecosystem for the agile workplace, combining our new UX Pro touchscreen, integrated room booking, and UC platform – one cost, no ongoing subscriptions, and will fit seamlessly into your existing setup.


Redefining the User Experience

Streamlining communication is key. Collaboration is something we know every business needs, but is yours prepared for it?

Clevertouch has created the all-in-one Enterprise Ecosystem for the agile workplace, combining our new UX-Pro touchscreen, integrated room booking, and UC platform one cost, no ongoing subscriptions, and will fit seamlessly into your existing setup.

A real-time collaborative workspace that enables participants to work together, in an open environment, whilst ensuring that the collaboration systems and the underlying networks remain totally secure.


Clevertouch UX-Pro Series High Precision:

  • Way-finding: Guide people through your building and enhance their experience, whilst promoting your brand throughout open spaces.
  • Professional digital-signage ready Large Format Displays:  Make a great first impression with a Digital Signage screen in your lobby. With hundreds of templates supporting landscape or portrait displays, fully customize the video, images, RSS feeds, and more.
  • Collaborative Team Displays: With UX Pro experience crystal clear 4K quality video and sound.
  • Unified Communications: Share projects with others and mark-up in real-time. Invite collaborators to join your meeting via video with STAGE.
  • Remote Management:  Allow your IT department to remotely take control and troubleshoot or make updates.
  • Screen Mirroring: With Clevershare connect with any device, on any network. Includes touchback for two-way mirroring.
  • CleverMessage: Send your company’s messages to every Clevertouch screen in an instant – alerts, photos, videos, news, announcements, and more are all available with dozens of templates to choose from.


How UX Pro works for enterprise


With UX Pro everything you need in your meeting room is included at no extra costs with no ongoing subscription charges. Free of charge firmware updates. Remote management of an unlimited number of devices in tablet mode. Stage browser-based UC software. Whiteboard app with handwriting recognition. Room booking system syncing with Outlook 365 and MS Exchange calendars. Clever Message signage app for on-brand messaging.


We give you options. Lots of them. Go on-network or off-network. Wipe down your session when you’re meeting is finished. Have a walk-up-and-use off-network tablet environment for visitors, or a full Windows 365 on-network environment for trusted colleagues. Give NFC cards to your team and guests with different settings based on their security clearance level.


Seven ways to access your files:

  • 1. Cloud integration with One Drive, Google Drive, Office 365, and Dropbox.
  • 2. Use one of three unlimited in-built web browsers to access web-based software.
  • 3. Bring a flash drive into meetings and access via one of 3 USB-A 3.0 super fast ports.
  • 4. Connect via cable to your laptop or device with no driver download required.
  • 5. Use the Clevershare app and mirror your content to your Clevertouch, including touchback – your IT department can install this on all company laptops using the MSI file.
  • 6. Plug-and-play with the Clevershare dongle, it connects to any USB-C port and casts direct to the Clevertouch display with no calibration needed.
  • 7. Email the Clevertouch with any files you want to display.


Your all-in-one solution Enterprise Ecosystem, Seamless integration: CLEVERTOUCH UX Pro 


Diagonal Size55″ 4K, 65″ 4K, 75″ 4K, 86″ 4K
Screen TypeTFT LCD – Direct LED Backlight
Aspect Ratio16:9
Display Colours1.07 Billion (10 bit)
Resolution4K UHD (3840 x 2160 @60Hz)
Response Time5ms
Refresh Rate60Hz
LCD Viewing Angle178°
Brightness400 cd/m2
Contrast Ratio55″ 1200:1 / 65″ 1200:1 / 75″ 1200:1 / 86″ 1200:1
Dynamic Contrast Ratio55″ 5000:1 / 65″ 5000:1 / 75″ 5000:1 / 86″ 5000:1
Glass HardnessTempered Glass – Mohs Level 7
Glass TypeHeat tempered – Anti Glare – Super Glide Surface
Main BoardV811


Writing TechnologyHigh Precision Technology
Continuous Touch Points20
Touch Resolution32768 x 32768px
Response Time5ms
Touch Accuracy1.5mm
Minimum Object Size3mm
Touch ToolFinger, Gesture & Pen
Simultaneous WritingYes
Pens Included2 with a different color assigned to each end
Ink In ToolsYes – LYNX
Pen TypeDual Recognition Stylus
Pen HolderIntegrated Full-length Pen Tray
Pen Tip Diameter3mm/7mm
Pen & Touch DifferentiationYes
Pen Identities2
Annotation Over Any SourceYes
CompatibilityWindows 7 to 10, Windows XP, Linux, Mac, Android, Chrome
Tracking Rate6m/s
Scan Rate200Hz
Gestures & Edge SwipesWindows Supported


OPS Slot1 – Intel spec
USB-A 2.03 (1 for system upgrade)
USB Touch (type B)3
USB A 3.0 (faster data transfer)3
USB C2 (One supports charging any device)
LAN In (RJ45)1 GB
Wireless Adapter 2.0 + WAPYes
Displayport In1
VGA Audio In1
Optical Out1
Touch Out3
NFC Reader / WriterYes
CameraOptional extra
Proximity SensorYes
WIFI ModuleGen 2


Physical Specifications
Panel Dimensions55″ 1268 x 792 x 90mm / 65″ 1489 x 919 x 91mm / 75″ 1709.7 x 1042.4 x 94.8mm / 86″ 1957.2 x 1181.9 x 94.8mm
Packed Dimensions55″ 1428 x 878 x 220mm / 65″ 1697 x 1038 x 220mm / 75″ 1875 x 1208 x 280mm / 86″ 2146x 1326 x 280mm
Net Weight55″ 31.25Kg / 65″ 43.95Kg / 75″ 56.73Kg / 86″ 73.45Kg
Packed Weight55″ 38.55Kg / 65″ 53.95Kg / 75″ 75.75Kg / 86″ 95.30Kg
VESA Mount Point55″ 400 x 200mm / 65″ 600 x 400mm / 75″ 800 x 400mm / 86″ 800 x 600mm

Additional information

Weight38.55 kg
Dimensions90 × 1268 × 792 cm

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