Smart Kapp

SMART kapp™
Smart Kapp Capture board the electronic whiteboard. Draw. Save. Share
SMART kapp allows you to save and share notes as they unfold using the Smart Kapp App. Write on the board with a regular dry-erase marker.
It’s a whiteboard, but everything written on it can be saved in a library in its app.
Smart Kapp App
You can also follow along in the app as other people write on the board.

Plus, you can bring all of the work you do on kapp into your SMART Notebook lessons. It’s available in 42” and 84” models.
SMART kapp add-on for SMART Notebook
This add-on lets you save notes taken on a SMART kapp whiteboard directly into a Notebook lesson.

That means you can take your kapp notes and erase, resize, convert-to-text or graph them within your Notebook lesson.

Its timeline feature allows you to replay the work your students did, so you can relive their decision-making and observe how their ideas evolved.

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