Smart Kapp Electronic Whiteboard

Smart Kapp Electronic Whiteboard
Smart Kapp 84 Inch Whiteboard

Smart Kapp Electronic Whiteboard. No more need to take pictures of your whiteboard or flip chart

No setup required.
Simply plug in your Smart Electronic Whiteboard turn it on and connect you smart phone or tablet via blue tooth using the QR code on the front of the whiteboard.

You will need to download the Smart Kapp app from the Google play store or Apple store to connect ot the Smart Kapp whiteboard.
No More Flipchart.

Replace your flip chart with the 42 inch portrait model or replace your standard whiteboard board with the 84 inch landscape model.

Smart Kapp App
Save and share with your team via email or social media with the Smart Kapp App.

Share your notes as you go with up to 250 people worldwide

Smart kapp app protects your work with secure connections.

Encryption, optional password protection, and servers that delete sessions as soon as you disconnect.

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