Interactive Displays

Sometimes known as interactive displays, interactive screens, interactive touch boards or smart boards they are the modern replacement for the traditional whiteboard or flipchart and can combine an internal Pc making it your go to computer with touch and collaboration.

Business, Government & Education facilities are seeing great benefits from this intuitive technology. 

Interactive Displays are available in a variety of models and sizes.

Brands such as Sedao, Clevertouch, Smart Technologies and Samsung have become industry leader in the field creating advanced technology but keeping it simple.

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Quality assurance

We only provide interactive displays with the highest standard from brands we trust such as Sedao, Clevertouch, Smart Technologies & Samsung, We will find the right brand and model for your work space.

Quality assurance

Designed to last, interactive displays have a long shelf life and will give you a very cheap total cost of ownership with their long life time and excellent support from the vendor which we support

Use you own device

Connect to your interactive display with your Windows computer or iOS device or choose a display with a built in android or windows computer the choice is yours

Years of experience

We are here to help you make an educated decision on which interactive display suite your business or education facility best, we will make sure it meets your every demand so you will have no worries about your desision!


The value you gain by having a productive work or education environment pays for itself. With lots a brands models and sizes to choose from we are sure there is one to fit your organisation regardless of weather your decision is needs or budget driven.


Interactive displays offer great value and flexibility for groups of people who need to collaboration locally or remotely on projects.



Interactive Displays for Business

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Interactive Displays for Education

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Smart Technologies
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What We Do?


Our engineers and fitters can assemble or fit your interactive display together with the correct wall mount or stand for your envoirnment.


Talk to us about getting your staff trained on your interactive display system in your office or school.


We face different challenges in our work space with keeping our technology up to date with the latest software or firmware releases, let us manage this process for you to help make life easier.

Interactive Solutions Team

We are the team that you need

We Provide: installation and training for interactive displays

Maintenance Team

Forget about all your problems! Our experts will setup everything for you!

Best Offers

Creative Systems offers a lot of special deal, being partnered with some of the biggest IT distributors in Europe we have access to thousand of line items some of which are heavily discounted.

National Standards, Local Owners

We totally meet technical requirements, specifications and all kind of binding standards. We work locally and country wide.

Worry-Free Experience

You’ll appreciate our hassle-free service and high quality of work which we do for our clients.

Professional Approach

Our experts are certified and well-educated to provide you with professional help.

Qualified Agents

Our agents have vast experience in interactive displays and have great skills and professional knowledge.

Interactive Displays


Avocor is a global award-winning collaborative displays company, headquartered in Oregon, US

They are leading the way in creating interactive solutions that enable people to communicate and collaborate more effectively together.


Samsung premium interactive displays enable simple, effective touch interactions and serve a variety of industries.

From restaurant menus and in-store product locators to maps and museum installations, these displays add interactivity to any environment.

Smart Technologies

SMART is helping educators and businesses succeed all over the world.

Their technology empowers teachers, students and teams to learn and collaborate in innovative ways, inspiring breakthroughs – from improved learning outcomes to moving businesses forward.


Android Based Interactive Flat Panel Displays

We have made it easy to give any HTML5-based application link to the display within the SoC software.

Upon this, the display will start with the given link. The application can either be an offline or an online application, allowing the customers to execute their own application.



Smart Technologies

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Avocor interactive display

Smart Technologies interactive display
Smart Technologies

Smart Technologies interactive display

Logitech Video Conference

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m-touch interactive display

M-Touch interactive display

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